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POLMIR consultant engineers with more than three decades of experience was established in 1979 and up to this date has contributed significant engineering and designing services to the country. The scope of activities for or company encompasses architecture and urban planning and has the highest grade in designing and supervision granted by vice presidency office for strategic planning and supervision and is among the handful of consultants active in all designing fields including architecture, urban planning, urban landscaping, hospitals, commercial, cultural, sports and urban services centers, reinforcing deteriorated urban texture, project management and has designed and supervised numerous projects.

POLMIR consultant engineers as consultant to Healthy Tehran Project from 1989 to 1996 under supervision of world health organization has been able to design and execute valuable projects in south of Tehran in Shahr-e Rey and Sizadah Aban Street. Among projects of Healthy Tehran there are the enormous Azim Abad Sports Complex, Golgoon Swimming Pool, designing and organizing Sizadah Aban Street landscaping, Barootkoobi Park, Shahrak-e Fatemieh Culture, Art and Sports Center, Helal Ahmar Sports Complex, Dolatabad Library and Amphitheater and several other regional and local parks and gardens.

POLMIR has also been involved in urban development and restoration of deteriorated urban texture among which is the restoration of the deteriorated Ameri Region in Ahwaz, restoration of the deteriorated Ghaffari in Bandarabbas, Golestan and Qazvin Provinces Integrated Administrative Complex Project.

POLMIR Consultant Engineers initiated working in subway lines from 1984 and during this time has designed and supervised construction of 18 subway stations in the cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Esfahan and Mashhad.

Our company proposed establishment of a subsidiary “Station’s Complexes Company” in Tehran in late 90s to organize and manage the lands around subway stations that has designed and executed many projects around subway stations ever since.

In project management field and the 4th agent, our company has completed/still managing the following projects within the past 25 years:
- Project management of Behshar Tower in Tehran 1999
- Project management and feasibility study of projects in the lands adjacent to Tehran’s subway stations in 2002 and 2003
- Project management of Emam Khomeini’s Square Station Complex in 2003
- Projection management and supervising consultant of projects in district 22 of Tehran in 2012
- Project management of Ghaidr Tower in Tehran 2012

Among other important projects recently under development in POLMIR are the following:
- Tehran Book Garden 2005
- Mechanized parking and commercial center of Pasdaran in Tehran 2011
- Shahr-e Kord Twin Towers 2011
- Head Office of Bank Tejarat in Ahwas 2012
- Alborz Province Road and Urban Development Administration 2013
- Bojnourd Contemporary Arts Museum 2013
- Ministry of Power administrative building in Arbil of Iraq 2013

To increase productivity and upgrading management system, POLMIR company has attempted implementing ISO 9001 2008 standard since 2009 and HSE standard since 2012 and has the required certificates.

POLMIR Founders and main members

  • Mr . Kioomars Jafarzadeh
  • Mrs . Bahar Jafarzadeh
  • Mr. Seyedfazel Rasouli Ghasemloui
  • Mr. Issa Zakaie<br /> 

Architecture competitions

POLMIR consultant engineers in three decades of activity have participation in various architecture competitions and have achieved titles and recognitions in many of them:

POLMIR Awards:

  • 1st place in the 500 residential unit project – Hamedan 1982
  • 1st place in designing the building of Iran’s Congress(MAJLIS of I.R.I.) – Tehran 1984
  • 1st place in designing educational hospital – Gorgan 2002
  • Holy Defense Museum Honorable Mention – Tehran 2005
  • 2nd place in Arash Commercial and Administrative complex, - Qazvin 2008
  • Selected project of Bagh-e Nour Commercial, Administrative and Recreational – West Tehran 2008
  • Selected project of Sepehr Commercial and Administrative Complex of Goldasteh Garden – Esfahan 2012

POLMIR Recognitions:

  • Commended for participating in the 1st professional engineering services exports exhibition – Tehran 2002
  • Commended for Iran Blood Research and Fractionation Center Project – 1995
  • Commended for designing a new building for Iran’s congress – 1996
  • Commended for studies on Shiraz’s subway stations – 2007
  • Elite consultant in the 1st International Architecture Festival of Iran – Esfahan 2008
  • Commended for Iran Blood Transfusion Center – 2008
  • Commended for providing engineering services in the 22 districts of Tehran from Tehran Municipality Development Organization – 2009
  • Elite consultant engineer of Shiraz Subway in 2011
  • Commended for Sepehr Commercial and Administrative Complex of Goldasteh Garden - Esfahan 2012


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