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43000 Sq.M.
IRAN Forum Parliament -1985 (First Price)
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HAMEDAN Residential Complexes (500 units)-1983 (First Price)
75000 Sq.M
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75000 Sq.M.
Academies Complex Of I.R.Iran-1994
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GORGAN Hospital (200 beds)-2003 (first price)
20000 Sq.M.
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TEHRAN Holly Defense -2006 (fifth price)
200000 Sq.M.
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170000 sq.M.
TEHRAN Bagh-e-Noor Complex-2009 (4th price)
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15000 sq.M.
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TEHRAN Millennium Tower-2013
50000 Sq.M.
  1. IRAN Forum Parliament -1985 (first price) / Area: 43000 Sq. M.
  2. HAMEDAN Residential Complexes (500 units)-1983 (first price) / Area: 75000 Sq. M.
  3. AHVAZ residential complexes For Steel Workers / Area: 35000 Sq. M.
  4. SEMNAN medical & Paramedical Colleges / Area:15000 Sq. M.
  5. Academies Complex Of I.R.Iran-1994 / Area:75000 Sq. M.
  6. GORGAN Hospital (200 beds)-2003 (first price) / Area:20000 Sq. M.
  7. TEHRAN Holly Defense -2006 (fifth price) / Area:200000 Sq. M.
  8. TEHRAN Bagh-e-Noor Complex-2009 (4th price) / Area:170000 sq. M.
  9. ESFEHAN GOLDASTE Garden -2012 (Candidate of competition) / Area:15000 Sq. M.
  10. TEHRAN Milad Tower Architecture Design Of phase 2 / Area:200000 Sq. M.
  11. TEHRAN Millennium Tower -2013 / Area:50000 Sq. M.
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